Monday, October 14, 2013

Track of the Cat: example for the future of blogging

I was floored just recently by watching William Wellman’s Track of The Cat. The film’s seriousness is never “strained” and all the acting is fantastic. There has been much attention towards the work of William Wellman in the past few years. Much of it seems like it started from the Film Forum, a 42 film retrospective of his work.  William Wellman: a Dossier is a terrific bundle of essays that are highly visual with many different approaches to its subject.  Some great content is in here by people like J. Hoberman and Kent Jones. It’s a free PDF and really works as an example of what the future might be looking like for publications of film writing. I keep thinking of all the possibilities of online criticism. It would be cool to be able to use audio and moving image to accompany these pieces. Perhaps the Rubicon blog might partake in its own PDF publication some day.  

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